Developing and Achieving Sustainability Initiatives is

Expensive and Complex.

At Advanced Integrated Solutions, our team of highly skilled practitioners specializes in translating your ESG Goals and initiatives into an executable game plan with affordable strategic solutions.

According to Forbes, although 90% of executives think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have sustainability strategies. Often, companies that speak of being sustainable are lacking when it comes to implementation.

At AIS, we are able to provide you with software solutions and personnel dedicated to streamline existing data flows from within your IT environment into a single dashboard that will improve data visibility and drive better operational decisions in order to hit your sustainability goals.

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Sustainability & Resiliency

Asset Optimization, Maintenance and Performance Management

With more consumers demanding companies to be “more sustainable” this puts an immense amount of pressure on the operations- More specifically the installation, configuration, maintenance, and overall performance of those assets during their life cycles.

With nearly 3 decades of experience, AIS has successfully implemented and optimized Enterprise Level Asset Management Solutions within organizations to accomplish their target operational metrics.

Resiliency via Vulnerability Management and Remediation

Failing to meet industry compliance standards can be detrimental to your business. Not only can the fees and penalties be expensive but the trust that will be lost with your current customers can be beyond the point of repair.

AIS not only helps you discover vulnerabilities in your IT environment, but we also remediate those vulnerabilities within a specific timeframe to ensure that your organization continues to operate within the regulatory standards of your industry.

 Our Foundational Pillars of Sustainability 

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Asset Management

Optimize the value of your organization’s assets while providing a rapid rate of return. Our proven solutions drive down costs and mitigate your risk.

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Using BigFix and other automated tools, AIS is your partner to enable your IT operations and security teams to collaborate more effectively and cut operational costs while enforcing compliance in real-time and improving productivity.

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Enable your organization to maximize business value from the use of its IT Service Desk. We’ll help your organization turn your Service Desk into a well-oiled process workflow engine that serves as the primary point of engagement between your IT organization and end users.

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Our Process

Although we are dealing with complex problems, we believe that simplicity is the secret to execution. Our methodology is a journey from problem identified to problem solved through a straightforward process that accelerates value delivery to the end customer.

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Initial discussion to understand what key areas need to be addressed and why

Create a game plan with Next Action Steps

Based on the information shared during the introductory meeting, a follow up meeting(s) will be scheduled with any and all appropriate individuals in order to continue assess and develop the best possible solution(s) and implementation strategy and overall Scope of Work

Our Customers

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with customers both in the public and private sectors that span several different industries which include: State and Federal Agencies, Oil & Gas/ Utilities, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Automotive Manufacturing, and many other Multinational Corporations.

About Us

Advanced Integrated Solutions, Inc. specializes in delivering tightly integrated technology-enabled business solutions that help our customers become more cost-efficient and competitive. We are recognized as a Platinum IBM Business Partner with offices in Atlanta, Houston, Orange County, and Sacramento. We also are partnered with several other industry leading solution providers who provide us with additional support in order to deliver the best value for our customers.

Our Partners

Backed by some of the best leading industry solution providers, AIS is able to deliver value and continuous support in a flexible way to meet the ever-changing business objectives of our customers. We have strategically partnered with leading industry solution providers that provide us with any necessary support to ensure that our customers meet their business needs.


Our Commitment to the Next Generation

AIS is committed to training and developing the next generation of IT professionals who want to specialize in Endpoint Vulnerability Management and Remediation. We offer a full calendar of training courses specific to HCL’s BigFix in the areas of Operator Fundamentals, Compliance, Inventory, Content, and Relevance. See the available courses below.

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