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Targeted instruction with proprietary course materials and hands-on consultants who deliver instruction.  AIS is your training partner when it comes to the best IT software training in the industry.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all top notch, working consultants in the disciplines they teach with hands on architectural, engineering, and operational experience.  All of our instructors are certified and have multiple years designing, implementing and teaching the solutions our courses are built around.

Our Approach

We build our course materials and labs based on our consultants’ real-world experiences with the solutions we provide instruction on. Courses are built to provide a combination of instructor presentations reinforced with hands-on labs.

Our Value

We offer BigFix and Maximo courses that are exclusive offerings from AIS.  We offer these proprietary courses as public or private classes which allow us to emphasize those areas that are most important to our customers.

Our Delivery Model

Our public classes are offered monthly in a virtual format.  We also offer private training classes in a virtual or in-person classroom setting.  Our BigFix courses have been vetted and validated by HCL, IBM, LearnQuest, TechData and ProTech and are their accepted standard.


BigFix Operator Fundamentals v10 ― 3-days

BigFix combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables users to see and manage fixed, mobile, physical and virtual endpoints on more than 90 different operating system versions. In addition to ensuring that all of a company’s systems are patched and secure, BigFix automates time-intensive tasks across complex networks, queries endpoints in real-time for the presence of malicious files, allows for quick software installations, performs advanced automation, and allows for simple remote control with just a few clicks. This course will present knowledge to help BigFix administrators and operators develop the foundation knowledge they need to successfully leverage BigFix in their managed environments.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the BigFix portfolio and architecture
  • Learn to use and configure the operator Console
  • Explore and learn to use the BigFix Web User Interface
  • Learn about Fixlets, Tasks, and Baselines and when to use them
  • Learn about Roles and Users
  • Explore Patch Content
  • Create and deploy patches manually and through automation by using policies
  • Explore and create Web Reports
BigFix Compliance v10 ― 1-day Add-on

This course is an optional 1-day add-on module to BigFix Operator Fundamentals.

BigFix Compliance enforces continuous compliance with security policies throughout an organization for every endpoint both on and off the corporate network. It includes out-of-the-box support for most popular security benchmarks published by CIS, DISA STIG, USGCB and PCI-DSS.  An intelligent agent on every endpoint monitors, enforces, and reports on the security configuration status of the endpoint in real-time regardless of OS type or location. In this course, students will learn to interact with and operate the BigFix Compliance solution. They will gain a solid understanding of the various components of the solution and will be able to configure, operate, develop reports, perform maintenance tasks, and troubleshoot BigFix Compliance.


  • Understand Key BigFix Compliance Concepts
  • Understand the Features and Functions of BigFix Compliance
  • Learn to Configure and Operate BigFix Compliance
  • Create custom reports including creating groups; checklist targeting and exception
  • Understand how to maintain BigFix Compliance
  • Be able to perform basic troubleshooting techniques
BigFix Inventory v10 ― 1-day Add-on

This course is an optional 1-day add-on module to BigFix Operator Fundamentals.

BigFix Inventory provides valuable insight into the software your organization owns—and the software it has installed but does not own—along with how often the software is being used. It supports better planning, budgeting and hardware and software license compliance, while mitigating security risks. In this course, students will learn to interact with and operate the BigFix Inventory solution, and develop a solid understanding of the various components of the solution. Students will be learn to configure, operate, develop reports, perform maintenance tasks, and troubleshoot BigFix Inventory.


  • Gain insight into the BigFix portfolio and BigFix Inventory’s major offerings

  • Understand Software ID / Discovery, Signature ID / Creation, software usage, and license metrics

  • Learn to operate BigFix Inventory including the software catalog and custom software signatures; deploy scanners, and classify software

  • Create and schedule reports (audit, RVU, PVU, custom) for both applications and infrastructure

  • Learn techniques to maintain and optimize BigFix Inventory

  • Perform basic troubleshooting techniques for application and platform issues

BigFix Content and Relevance ― 3-days

In this class students will learn about using the BigFix policy language known as Relevance. Topics covered will teach BigFix users about the underlying principles, syntax and constructs of the Relevance language. This will allow students to manipulate existing BigFix-provided content, but also create their own custom properties, analyses, Fixlets, Tasks, Baselines and other content. The first two days of the class are dedicated to understanding basic Relevance, whereas the third day will delve into advanced Relevance concepts and Action Script.


  • Gain an understanding of BigFix Relevance and Action Script
  • Learn about how BigFix Content is organized including Domains and Sites
  • Learn how to examine BigFix Content and the differences between Fixlets and Tasks
  • Learn about Baselines, Computer Groups, Properties, Analyses and Actions
  • Learn about BigFix content authoring tools and how to use them to write Relevance
  • Learn how to create BigFix content using Relevance
  • Create Content Using the BigFix Console and WebUI
BigFix Advanced Content & Relevance Workshop ― 1-day Add-on

This course is an optional 1-day add-on module to BigFix Content & Relevance.

Content Creation Activities:

  • Students work in groups to solve several challenges requiring them to use the relevance and action script covered in the previous lectures and lab exercises.
  • Content from each group is compared for results, most efficient relevance/action script code and execution time.

IBM Maximo

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals v7.6.x
  • IBM Control Desk Foundations v7.6x


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IBM Maximo

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