Targeted instruction with proprietary course materials and hands-on consultants who deliver instruction.  Advanced Integrated Solutions is your training partner when it comes to the best IT software training in the industry.


Our Instructors


Our instructors are all top-notch, working consultants in the disciplines they teach with hands-on architectural, engineering, and operational experience.  All of our instructors are certified and have multiple years of designing, implementing, and teaching the solutions our courses are built around.


Our Approach


We build our course materials and labs based on our consultants’ real-world experiences with the solutions we provide instruction on. Courses are built to provide a combination of instructor presentations reinforced with hands-on labs.


Our Value


We offer BigFix and Maximo courses that are exclusive offerings from AIS.  We offer these proprietary courses, as private, tailored classes that allow us to emphasize those areas that are most important to our customers.


Our Delivery Model


Classes are offered in a virtual (web-delivered) or on-site format.  We also offer private courses through Advanced Integrated Solutions and public classes through our global training partners – LearnQuest & TechData.  Our BigFix courses have been vetted and validated by HCL, IBM, LearnQuest, and TechData and are their accepted standard.






  • Inventory v9.5x 
  • Lifecycle v9.5x
  • Master Operator Fundamentals v9.5x
  • Operator Fundamentals v9.5x
  • Patch Management v9.5x
  • Relevance v9.5x
  • Security and Compliance v9.5x
  • Web Reports v9.5x
  • Consulting and Engineering Mechanics – Under Development – ETA December 2019
  • IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • Advanced Content & Relevance v9.5x
  • Content & Relevance v9.5x
  • Patch v9.5x
  • Compliance v9.5x


IBM Maximo


  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals v7.6.x
  • IBM Control Desk Foundations v7.6x






  • Certified Operator
  • Certified Master Operator
  • Certified End User
  • Certified Engineer
  • Certified Master Engineer


IBM Maximo


IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals V7.6.X Badge powered by Tech Data


BigFix Certification Tracks & Steps



Our Strategic Partners