The ITIL Asset Management challenge

Managing thousands of IT assets within your organization – from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, and network devices, to software, contracts, and maintenance agreements – is a difficult task.   Business environments today are too complex and sophisticated to manage with a traditional spreadsheet and manual entry approach.   The multi-departmental asset and inventory tool methods are time consuming and expensive.  With the New York release, ServiceNow Software Asset Management Professional tightly integrates with BigFix so customers can now create a robust single threaded method to manage both software and hardware assets. 

Our Practice Combines ServiceNow & BigFix Expertise

At Advanced Integrated Solutions, we know what is important to the software and hardware asset managers in your organization.  We know how to mine the most important information from the data that ServiceNow and BigFix generate and to help your organization maximize the benefits of this blended solution. Advanced Integrated Solutions draws from over two decades of EAM and ITAM experience along with our IBM, HCL and ServiceNow partnerships to provide wide-ranging service offerings to architect and implement a solid ITAM framework using SAM Professional and BigFix.  Our goal is to help you leverage your investments in one or both of these technologies to help you reduce cost and complexity.

Full Lifecycle IT Asset Management

Advanced Integrated Solutions will help your organization take your ServiceNow and BigFix solutions and create a full Lifecycle IT Asset Management process and workflow that helps your purchasing organization respond more effectively to software compliance audits and manage hardware Lease and purchase contracts more efficiently.  The solution will also help your IT organization increase its capabilities of tracking and budgeting for hardware and software acquisitions while managing its IT inventory much more effectively.


  • HCL
  • IBM
  • ServiceNow

Advanced Integrated Solutions can fulfill your IBM Maximo Requirements

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) involves the management of the maintenance of physical assets of an organization throughout each asset’s lifecycle. EAM is used to plan, optimize, execute, and track the needed maintenance activities with the associated priorities, skills, materials, tools, and information.  Through our deep understanding of how Maximo Enterprise Asset Management can improve your ability to manage asset information and inventory while improving your operations, [business_legal] can help you leverage Maximo to drive digital transformation.

With the advent of IoT and a constant stream of data from people, sensors and devices the design and implementation of Maximo has become increasingly complex. [business_legal] can help you put that data to work making better decisions by employing analytics to streamline your global operations, from procurement to contract management.

Advanced Integrated Solutions Resources

  • Functional Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Application Development Engineers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Data Conversion Specialists

Advanced Integrated Solutions – Maximo Consulting Specialties

  • Maximo Energy and Utilities Strategy & Readiness
  • Maximo Transportation Strategy & Readiness
  • Maximo Upgrade and Migration Strategy
  • Maximo Architecture & Implementation
  • Maximo Data Conversion
  • Maximo Spatial Design & Implementation


  • IBM
  • PwC

Advanced Integrated Solutions – Professional Instruction

Advanced Integrated Solutions training is centered around three fundamental concepts:

  1. Course materials are modular and interactive allowing students to maximize the potential of the solution they have purchased.  Our modular design allows us to customize courses so that students can focus on the functional aspects of the software they use in an operational setting.  Building in interactive labs allows students to work directly with the software and Advanced Integrated Solutions instructors an opportunity to work with students while they interact with the solution.
  2. Advanced Integrated Solutions instructors are professional consultants who not only know how to provide professional instruction but are fully operational in the design, implementation and support of the solutions they are teaching. Advanced Integrated Solutions instructors are able to address questions and operational issues that are not contained in the course materials, which provides students with a more rewarding experience.
  3. Our courses are offered in a number of different mediums including private and public venues, onsite, virtual and self-paced settings.  Our customers and students have a wide variety of needs and budget requirements that Advanced Integrated Solutions works hard to accommodate.

HCL BigFix Course Offerings

  • HCL BigFix Operator Fundamentals v10
    • 3-day class
  • HCL BigFix Compliance v10
    • 1-day add-on class
  • HCL BigFix Inventory v10
    • 1-day add-on class
  • HCL BigFix Content & Relevance
    • 3-day class
  • HCL BigFix Advanced Content & Relevance Workshop
    • 1-day add-on class

IBM Maximo 7.6.x Course Offerings

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management System Administration and Development
    • 5-day class


  • HCL
  • IBM
  • LearnQuest
  • TechData

True Digital User Experience Management

For over two decades, Advanced Integrated Solutions has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and a plethora of state, local, and Federal government entities to help their CIO’s, IT Directors and Managers design and implement reliable enterprise system management solutions to ultimately achieve one thing – to provide a reliable and positive digital experience for the community of users IT is supposed to serve. The reality of our collective efforts, thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars spent, is at best a C+ in terms of results.  While we touted technology, technology was the very thing that prevented us from truly succeeding in our efforts to provide a truly positive digital user experience for our customers. 

With the advent of Dynatrace, technology is finally able to help us fulfill the goals of monitoring, managing, and maintaining our end users’ digital experience.  Dynatrace not only manages the traditional applications and infrastructures that many companies still rely upon, but it also elegantly handles the complexities of hybrid and pure cloud environments, is a cloud-based SaaS solution, and employs artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust to changes in infrastructure and applications.

Advanced Integrated Solutions – Dynatrace Specialties

  1. Gap Analysis – discover functions Dynatrace will provide that are not currently fulfilled or are being dealt with inadequately by your current tools and processes.
  2. Functional Enhancements – identify areas that Dynatrace will increase functionality by means of integration with currently employed tools.
  3. Operational Assessment – target business processes and organizational structures which can be simplified, accelerated, or improved by Dynatrace.
  4. Data Analysis – identify data management and reporting capabilities geared towards managing your IT operations that can be enriched.
  5. Scope – Where appropriate, [business_legal] will investigate opportunities to expand the scope of a Dynatrace deployment beyond that initially contemplated


    • Dynatrace
    • HCL

    HCL Bigfix

    BigFix allows you to continuously monitor each endpoint for potential threats and enforce compliance with security, regulatory and operational policies. It even works in remote locations with low or no bandwidth. BigFix works in concert and eliminates the traditional silo approach. Built on the world’s largest and deepest security portfolio that is IBM Security, BigFix closes the gap between these two groups, giving clients real-time situational awareness of every endpoint on their networks—regardless of device type or location—and the ability to detect and respond to threats with blazing speed.

    Our Practice Offers Significant BigFix Expertise

    At Advanced Integrated Solutions, we are experts in designing, implementing, and providing professional training for our customers.  We know how to turn your BigFix investment into a robust operational solution that helps you to manage and protect your IT assets and applications.  Our integration experience gives us the ability to tightly connect your ITSM solution with your BigFIx solution resulting in a Unified Management Solution.

    Our goal is to help you leverage the entirety of your IT investments to help you reduce cost and complexity while enhancing your security posture.

    Advanced Integrated Solutions – Resources

    • Architects
    • Consulting Engineers
    • Fixlet Developers
    • Instructors
    • Integration Specialists


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    • HCL
    • IBM