From the ServerRoom to the BoardRoom

Aligning Vulnerability Management to Mitigate “Risk” and Complexity

Join Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS), Tenable, and our distinguished guests for an interactive discussion of Vulnerability Management that leads to “Risks” impacting the business and how to mitigate it. Top of mind today is building strong “Risk” communications at all levels, from the ServerRoom to the BoardRoom.

  • What are Complex systems, and how are they changing the way companies are dealing with “Risk” and exposure.
  • Learn how Systemic Risk, Conventional Risk, and Cybersecurity Risk differ.
  • Discover what roles Vulnerability Management and Patch Management play within an organization’s “Risk” Management effort.
  • Review how HCL BigFix™, Tenable, and AIS EPIC Patch™ provides the data and remediation required to address all forms of Business and Technical Risk.
  • Explore how the DDN DiRECTOR™ Framework helps to manage and communicate all forms of “Risk” from the Server Room to the Board Room and beyond!

Date & Time

June 24, 2021 at 11am EDT


Host: Peter Eck – AIS / EPIC Patch Director of Alliances and Managed Services, Security Practice

Nathan Wenzler – Tenable Chief Security Strategist

Bob Zukis – Founder and CEO Digital Directors Network (DDN)

Christopher Hetner – Former SEC Chair Senior Cybersecurity Advisor | Board Member | CISO | Risk Executive

Who Should Attend

IT Security professionals, CIO office, CISO office and Board members having leadership responsibilities who are concerned about Risk, Vulnerabilities, remediation efficacy and response times within a business’s overall security programs.


All Attendees will receive a free book download of The Great Reboot: Succeeding in a World of Catastrophic Risk and Opportunity by Bob Zukis (Panelist), Paul Ferrillo & Chris Veltsos


From the ServerRoom to the BoardRoom is an AIS program designed to help empower security data driven leadership within business and government agencies to Rethink Risk, prioritize and resolve threats quickly using Tenable RBVM (Risk Based Vulnerability Management), HCL BigFix™, HCL BigFix™ IVR, AIS EPIC Patch™ and DDN DiRECTOR™ Framework.

AIS is a HCL Software and Tenable Business Partner that has worked with commercial and government customers to build and manage vulnerability, remediation and risk with solutions that provide critical insights and remediation needs.