Big Fix Software Training

Is Your Company Getting The Full Benefit From Your BigFix Software?

Thousands of companies and institutions throughout North America own and use BigFix. These organizations, including yours, purchased BigFix for a plethora of reasons from reducing operating overhead to increasing security and audit compliance, to improving their ability to track software inventory, to deploying software, and centralizing patching.  Whatever the decision was that drove your acquisition, it’s likely you are not deriving the full benefit of BigFix primarily because IBM has offered little to no comprehensive training.  BigFix Operators and End Users have been expected (and required) to learn BigFix mostly on their own either through trial and error or by interacting with IBM’s service and support teams.  Of course, as most software engineers and administrators know, this method of learning is time consuming, error prone, incomplete, and is counter-intuitive considering the product that was purchased is supposed to increase operating efficiencies and drive down costs!

To truly derive the full benefit of BigFix, improve operational efficiencies and drive down support costs, your organization will gain significant benefits by providing your Operators and End Users with both comprehensive and targeted training that focuses on the specific solution sets offered within BigFix.  To that end, Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS), a BigFix integration partner, has developed a new set of training courses that concentrate on BigFix from both a functional and support perspective including:

  • BigFix Operator Fundamentals
  • BigFix Compliance
  • BigFix Patch
  • BigFix Inventory
  • BigFix Content and Relevance
  • BigFix Advanced Content and Relevance
  • BigFix Lifecycle
  • BigFix – IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • BigFix Consulting & Engineering Mechanics

These [business_legal] courses give BigFix Operators and End Users the knowledge they need to effectively employ and use BigFix.

[business_legal] BigFix training will provide your employees and organization with the following benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce ramp up time for new implementations
  • Ensure ROI on your investment in BigFix and the people using it
  • Increase employee productivity, employee job satisfaction and morale
  • Increase efficiencies in processes by learning best practices, resulting in financial gain
  • Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increase innovation in strategies and products
  • Reduce employee turnover
[business_legal] offers public BigFix courses through two of its partners LearnQuest ( and TechData (  These companies are two of IBM’s Global Training Providers.  [business_legal] also offers private courses to our corporate and institutional customers.  We use our own BigFix senior consultants to teach our BigFix courses, so our customers learn from experts who have real-life operational experience.  Our courses are often customized and taught either onsite or in a virtual setting.

Based on our experience, our courses will give your employees the skills necessary to use your BigFix software much more effectively increasing your organization’s productivity, competitive edge, profitability and software adaptability.  We look forward to working with you on all of your BigFix training needs!

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